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In the burbs is your ultimate community event which invites all Government Primary Schools from the district to attend and celebrate the younger generation whilst also raising funds for each participating school.

Here's how it all works. When an In the burbs event is scheduled to be held in your School's local council district, our team will contact the School to ask if they wish to be involved. Each participating school will be provided with a customised ballot box at the entrance of the event. Each paid entry (and various other components within the event) will receive a token which they can place into their School's barrel. At the conclusion of the event, our team count out the tokens which are in your School's ballot box. A percentage of the monetary value of the tokens profits that are in your schools ballot box, are then delivered to the school, so as they can utilise where they deem it is most necessary.  Pretty awsome right! You get to attend an amazing event and support your school, all at the same time!

What can you expect at an In the burbs event, you ask?

Well, children's enjoyment is at the forefront of the event development so you can expect;

  • sporting activities *
  • science activities *
  • art activities*
  • interactive activities *
  • construction activities *
  • children's entertainment *
  • participating schools parade *
  • raffle **
  • guessing games **
  • a variety of delicious foods **
  • showbags **

* included in entry fee

** additional purchase

We've covered a whole bundle of questions that you may have which are on our FAQ's page. So pop over and check it out if you require little more clarification

We can't wait to see you at your next In the burbs event!

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