How do I get my child's School involved?

When we put a plan in place to hold an 'In the burbs' event in a district, we contact every Government Primary School in that particular district to see if they would like to participate in 'In the burbs'. Often they will happily join in but if you find that your School has decided they don't wish to participate, you can of course still attend and place your token (which you will receive 1 per paid entry) into another local schools' ballot box and know that you are contributing to that school providing wonderful resources for their students. 

What is included in the paid entry

So much! We aim to provide everything that kids adore at as little cost as possible. Entry is $5 per person over the age of 2years old. For every paid entry, you will receive 1 token which you can place in your school's ballot box, located at the entry. If your child's School has chosen not to participate, they won't have a ballot box at the event. Don't despair. You can support another School by placing the token in their ballot box.

Once you enter the event, we aim to provide all of the interactive components at no cost. There are some components which do require an additional purchase such as food, raffle, guessing games and drinks. Please note however that you will again have the opportunity to place a token in a barrel for the raffle and guessing games, supporting a local school.

Can I go to an event which is outside of my district?

Yes of course! All are welcome at every event. Again, you will receive a token for every paid purchase which you can place in a school ballot box of your choice, to ensure the community is being supported.

Can I buy tickets prior to the event?

Yes, you certainly can. On our "upcoming events" page (located at the top of our website), simply click on the 'buy tickets' tab next to the event you wish to attend. This will take you to an external page where you can make your ticket purchase and avoid the cue on the day. On arrival at the event, you will receive a token for each ticket purchased, which you can place in your school's ballot box, or any ballot box of your choice.

Please note that there are minor additional charges when purchasing online due to external fees and charges.

What if it's raining?

School doesn't stop if it's raining, so neither do we. We of course hope for the most glorious of Melbourne days for every event, but at times Mother Nature chooses to let the skies open. That's ok! We'll still be there smiling.

If however dangerous weather conditions are forecast, for the safety of everyone, we will need to cancel the event. This could be high winds, thunderstorms, flash flooding and extreme temperatures.

This is so fantastic! How do we become a Sponsor?

If you wish to support the next generation and their educational opportunities, we take our hats off to you! We're working toward the same goal and well.. we think you're pretty amazing really. 

All sponsorship enquiries can be directed to Jade via Jade@intheburbs.com.au


How much are tickets?

Each entry is $5 per person over the age of 2 years old. Under 2 years old is free. 

What sort of food will you have?

Each event is a little different and will have different food trucks attend. We aim to provide as much variety as possible. We also regularly announce who will be attending our events on our Facebook page 'In the burbs', so make sure you're following so you won't miss out on any important info.

What if we buy tickets online and we can't attend?

Yep, things can pop up and sometimes you may have to cancel. We totally get it! We're sure there's a bundle of families who would like to come so maybe you could pass the tickets onto them to enjoy. If you can't find anyone to take your place, you can still send us an email angela@intheburbs.com.au up to 24hours post event with the school which you would like to give your tokens to. As we like to distribute the funds to the Schools as quickly as possible, if we haven't heard from you by this time, we will randomly select a School on your behalf. Unfortunately, tickets will not be refunded.

I can't see an event scheduled in my child's School district. How can we have one in our district?

We're continuously working to bring an 'In the burbs' event to as many districts as we can, to assist as many Schools as possible and bring the fun! If it's not listed on our upcoming events page, we're most likely working on it but if you'd like to find out, feel free to send us an email via the 'contact' page and we can let you know if there is one scheduled.

How will my School receive the funds raised?

Once 'In the burbs' concludes, our team get together and count out the tokens which are in your School's ballot box. We then calculate the monetary value and put it straight into the School's account so as they can use the funds to enhance the school's environment, services and/or resources.